Cloud servers

Cloud Servers: Elastic, Scalable, Available, Redundant

Cloud Servers are virtual servers with some extras:

  • Scalability – Resources scale up or down depending on load
  • High availability – VMs migrate automatically between physical servers
  • Redundancy – Cloud servers are running on a farm of physical servers

No setup fees, monthly or hourly billing. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. No strings attached!

Appnor operates infrastructure clouds in Europe (Bucharest, Romania) and US (Reston, Virginia) using the main virtualization technologies: Xen, KVM and Hyper-V.

All managed cloud servers come with 1 public IP address. You can get up to 10 IPs per server, as long as the request is justified and the IPs are actually used.

Appnor’s managed cloud servers use redundant storage, RAID arrays, SSD caching. We do full incremental backups daily. Backup generated traffic is not charged

Hardware resources are dedicated. You will not face performance degradation in time due to overselling the servers, because we simply don’t oversell.

Included with every managed Cloud Server:

  • Basic Management Services
  • Full root/admin rights
  • 1 Public IP Address
  • RAID storage
  • Guaranteed CPU time
  • Disk Snapshots
  • Full Incremental backup (extra)
  • Web management interface

Want to switch to Cloud? Appnor can help you migrate from your own dedicated hosting servers to cloud servers. It’s less expensive, safer and more flexible

Management packs

Choose the management pack suited for you to decrease your internal costs and maximize your equipment availability. There are 3 standard monthly packs.


  • Usage reports: Essential
  • Monitoring & alerts: Essential
  • Response time: max 8 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 2 days
  • Network Firewall: No
  • Application Firewall: No
  • Upgrades & updates: No
  • Hours of support: 1 hr – setup


  • Usage reports: Full 
  • Monitoring & alerts: Complet
  • Response time: max 4 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 1 day
  • Network Firewall: Yes
  • Application Firewall: No
  •  Upgrades & updates: weekly
  • Hours of support: 3 hrs – setup
20 €

Full mgmt

  • Usage reports: Full 
  • Monitoring & alerts: Full 
  • Response time: max 2 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 8 hrs
  • Network Firewall: Yes
  • Application Firewall: Yes
  • Upgrades & updates: daily 
  • Hours of support: 3 hrs – setup + 1 hr/mo/machine
50 €

Contact us for specific requirements that are not met by these packs.