Backup & Disaster Recovery

Hope is not a strategy. Backup, DR, continuity, fail-over and replication services

Raw Backup

This is our basic backup offer with storage, bandwidth and support included.

  • Internet backup saves your data remotely. Choose the best location for you: US or Europe
  • Dedicated storage space is available through rsync, FTP or CIFS, so you can use it with Windows, Linux and UNIX. Data is stored incrementally, deduped and storage is available for multiple locations
  • Disk copies for fast recovery, if you need all your backups at once and you don’t have enough bandwith
  • Pricing is based on allocated space. Usable space can be increased or decreased on demand

Nearline Backup

Remote replicas of local services for improved redundancy and DR

  • Data is stored on cloud servers, synchronized every few hours
  • In the event of a disaster, virtual servers are expanded over Appnor hardware and the service is fully functional until the infrastructure in the main location is restored.
  • Minimal virtualization infrastructure is used to keep costs low
  • The total cost includes: storage, bandwidth, cloud servers and support.

Site Replication

You can rely on a fully functional, 1:1 replica of your services or machines

  • Implementation requires changes in the design of services or applications if they were not initially designed to work in replicated environments.
  • Permanent synchronization. The backup solution is ready for use at any given moment.
  • Replicated servers also have raw backup included to guarantee data integrity
  • Site Replication costs are lower than traditional disaster recovery costs, while offering the same functionality.

Disaster Recovery Services

Appnor Cloud Disaster Recovery Benefits

  • At least 2 geographically separated Data Centres
  • Full failover and replication
  • 24×7 support and monitoring
  • Dedicated account management, proactive support
  • Quick activation, minimum downtime in the event of disaster

Our goal is to duplicate the functionality, without duplicating and complicating the hardware and software infrastructure. Hence, the Appnor disaster recovery solutions are significantly less expensive.