Internet Access

24Gbps acces capacity, BGP, DDoS filtering

Internet Access

We act as an ISP for our managed services customers. Appnor aggregates bandwidth from large providers in Europe and the US. All the connections are redundant.

Why buy from us? (and not from other ISP’s)

  • Redundant Internet connections, DDOS attack filtering and improved security
  • No need for multiple connections. We have it covered
  • We buy in large quantities and we can offer a price lower than the market average
  • Still, using other ISP’s is permitted, so that’s always an option for you

Network Services

Some customers have special requirements, e.g.:

  • Private Networks – dedicated links that do not run over the public Internet, but run between our datacenters and your locations
  • VPN’s – encrypted private networks, running over the public Internet. We accommodate any standard VPN technology, offer the whole solutions or work with your staff to implement a point of presence in our locations.

Internet access for colocated infrastructure

Port Included Monthly
10Mbps 1TB €25
100Mbps 5TB €125
1Gbps 10TB €250

Internet access for cloud servers

Port Included Monthly
10Mbps      – Free
100Mbps 5TB €9.9
1Gbps 10TB €250