Managed Colocation

Connectivity + Rack space + Management

Connectivity for Colo customers

Private network 1Gbps switch port is offered by default for connecting your server(s). It can be upgraded to 10G by request. Optional Dedicated Internet access is offered through separate 100Mbs, 1Gbps or 10G connections from our blended service in AS# 42800. We have large enough IPv4 and IPv6 address space. You can easily get routable IP addresses, have your own PI addresses routed or we can announce your own AS#.

Custom price quotations

We strongly encourage you to talk to our Solutions Architect before taking a colocation decision. Customers often don’t know the small technical details that set appart datacenters and colo providers. Avoid a costly mistake by consulting us for free.

Keep in mind: You can always ask for our management services and we can help you in the installation stage. Your equipment has to be rack-mountable, fit for high-density colocation. We have enough cooling capacity and power, up to 21 kVA/rack.

Rack Space

  • Host any type of infrastructure (servers, switches, routers, storage machines) as long as they are rack-mountable.
  • High-density racks (42U, power feed A/B or A+B up to 21 kVA)
  • Efficient cooling, Hot Air Containment System
  • Simple PDUs 48 sockets, remote metered or remote reboot PDUs available
  • Start with  a few U’s and grow up to your own private racks.

Management packs

Choose the suitable management pack for you to decrease your internal costs and maximize your equipment availability. There are 3 standard monthly packs.


  • Usage reports: Essential
  • Monitoring & alerts: Essential
  • Response time: max 8 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 2 days
  • Network Firewall: No
  • Application Firewall: No
  • Upgrades & updates: No
  • Hours of support: 1 hr – setup


  • Usage reports: Full 
  • Monitoring & alerts: Complet
  • Response time: max 4 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 1 day
  • Network Firewall: Yes
  • Application Firewall: No
  •  Upgrades & updates: weekly
  • Hours of support: 3 hrs – setup
20 €

Full mgmt

  • Usage reports: Full 
  • Monitoring & alerts: Full 
  • Response time: max 2 hrs
  • Issue solving time: max 8 hrs
  • Network Firewall: Yes
  • Application Firewall: Yes
  • Upgrades & updates: daily 
  • Hours of support: 3 hrs – setup + 1 hr/mo/machine
50 €

Contact us for specific requirements that are not met by these packs.