Scalability & Managed Clusters

Scale up from thousands to 1 milion users in a few hours

Are online services your core business? If so, you may need high availability, scalable services, to make sure you are always online, making money, not loosing them.

Scalability services

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, the say. Have you ever really been successful online? If you have, you definitely learnt about scalability.

Scalability is the ability to quickly accommodate a major increase in traffic, hits or users, without performance degradation.

How do you make sure your setup is scalable?

  • Scalable software architecture.
  • Scalable network infrastructure
  • Scalable hardware infrastructure.

Sadly, most of the times these things are not considered beforehand. Scalability is not a frequent issue, because success is a rare encounter. Still, you have to be at least prepared for success.

Appnor has the experience of adapting setups of 10,000 users to 1,000,000 users in months, managing sites with millions of hits per month or handling spikes of 10,000 or more connections per second.

Appnor scalability services cover:

  • Designing scalable setups.
  • Patching running setups to handle up to 100x traffic or load
  • Building clusters, load balancers and highly available setups.

Appnor Managed Clusters

A cluster is a meta machine, a large computer made of multiple servers (called nodes). A client interacts with a cluster as though it is a single server.

Clusters are used for availability and scalability

  • Highly Available Cluster: When a server (node) in the cluster fails, the cluster transparently moves the workload from the failed node to the rest of the nodes.
  • Highly Scalable Cluster: When the overall load exceeds the capabilities of the nodes in the cluster, additional nodes can be added to it.

Facts about managed clusters

  • A cluster has a minimum of 2 nodes and can expand whatever needed
  • Nodes can be active or passive, working or just waiting to replace a failed node
  • Commodity servers are used as nodes; the magic happens through software
  • Fast networking and good storage are keys to a good implementation

Clustering services form Appnor

We can help you implement any type of cluster you need, from simple high availability clusters with 2 nodes to high performance computing clusters (HPC). We have done this for all sort of customers, from e-shops to banks and weather simulation state agencies.

Appnor can provide the physical infrastructure, network connections, software setup, monitoring, maintenance and expansion for your cluster. The service is available for clusters hosted on customer premises as well.