Security & DDoS Protection

DDoS protection, MPLS Cloud, updates, security audits

Security as part of our services

Security is close to El Chupacabra in IT mythology. Sure, we have all seen or heard about devastating consequences of poor security. But also seen or heard about bad implementations, where “perfect security” sacrifices all the functionality.

Costs are not to be ignored, as you may end up spending an indecent amount of money – simply out of fear.

At Appnor, we do not consider scaring customers into buying security is the right approach.

Some of the things we do, security wise:

  • Physical security in all our locations
  • MPLS Cloud, VPN connections
  • DDOS attack filtering appliances
  • Network and application firewalls
  • IDS & IPS deployments
  • Log monitoring
  • Patching and security updates
  • Regular security audits

Managing security is essential to any Managed Service Provider. We offer security as part of all our services.

DDoS Protection

DDOS attacks suck. You get hit with a lot of traffic and have no way to fight back. Usually your ISP or their upstream provider react very slow, if at all, and offer you two options:

  • Have your IP’s blackholed from the Internet for a while. This is hardly an option if you run an important site or service
  • Get the flood and manage it by yourself. You need specialized equipments and knowledge in order to achieve this

There is no way to face large DDoS attacks with standard routers or servers. You need to bring in the big guns: specialized DDoS attack filtering equipment – that will cost you an arm and leg.

What can Appnor do for you?

  • Support DDOS attacks up to 10Gbps, 10M pps
  • Filter the attacks real time, leaving the application servers intact
  • Catch any type of attack, OSI layer 2 up to layer 7
  • You can still access the firewall rules and add customized filters

Keep in mind: The best way to fight them is to prove you are immune to their DDoS attacks. Otherwise you will be a constant victim.