Sysadmin services

We manage Linux, Windows, Apps, DBs, VPNs & firewalls

Get complete system administration to help free you from the daily tasks of managing the infrastructure. Windows, Linux, UNIX, covered by SLA.

  • Use services, don’t own a problem.
  • Keep your systems running guaranteed under SLA.
  • Get a single point of contact. We make sure everything works.
  • Things are taken care of. Unmanaged services usually “work” until disaster strikes, such as security breaches, performance issues, data loss or unmet requests.
  • Save money and time. It’s usually less expensive to have a single, packaged service provider than multiple services providers.
  • Do not hire extra people. The ones you already have, probably have enough work to do. Just allow them to focus on specialized tasks, generating value for the company.

All servers need some degree of management. Ignoring this does not make it cost effective; it just makes it more dangerous for your business.

Why should you buy Sysadmin Services?

Hiring good sysadmins is tough. Not only is it expensive, but it’s really hard to get all the experience needed to run large setups smoothly. Only a few companies master this art, because most system administrators are used to managing the same setup and working with a limited set of technologies.

Appnor system administrators have worked in a myriad of setups and technologies. They have the experience needed to manage world class distributed services. If you think you could be the next YouTube or Facebook, we can provide all the needed technical support.

If you’re lucky enough to have in-house expertise, meaning hired system administrators, we can help by providing Level 3 support for the managed services. Plus, we are on duty whenever needed, so we can act really fast.

We will provide full or partial sysadmin services to free you from the day-to-day management tasks on infrastructure.

Why we don’t offer free technical support

Aside from servers, we need to manage expectations as well. Our sysadmins are extremely qualified people and their time has a significant internal cost. Hence, we do not offer “unlimited” support for any of our services.