Why Appnor?

Let us handle the technical details

We are skilled

Appnor is a Managed Services Provider. We specialize in being great at taking care of your IT services: hardware, operating systems, firewalls and back-ups so that you can focus on your business.

  • We know the techie stuff: cloud computing, virtualizing, scalability and so on
  • We have bandwidth. Tens of Gigs of connectivity, low latency all over the world
  • We operate infrastructure in multiple locations. You can be close to your customers or to your team anywhere in the world
  • Always available to solve your problems. And we speak Romanian and English – in both human and techie dialects
  • We back up everything that’s worth. If you want to, we can back everything up twice, for the EU & US
  • We are good at handling bad karma: flooding, disaster recovery, scalability issues
  • If you are the “better safe than sorry” type, we offer  solid SLAs for the tech services
  • You talk to people, not to automated answering machines or predefined scripts. And you can reach the CEO as easily as you can reach the sys-admins.

Run your business on modern and efficient infrastructure

Our datacenter was launched in 2011, fitted with modern equipment that allows us to provide better performance while being highly energy-efficient.

What makes our datacenter the right place for you?

  • 42U high density racks
  • Hot Aisle Containment cooling system
  • Custom built Knurr-Emerson infrastructure
  • At least N+1 or 2N redundancy for each system
  • Redundant connectivity for both internet and electrical power
  • Multiple security and surveillance systems